E-Learning Blog: Canvas Calendar Sync

by Carlos Montoya, M.Ed

Screenshot of the Canvas calendar.

How can the Canvas calendar feed simplify your life? Well, let’s say that you are having fun with your friends at the beach, or attending a play, or you are at the movie theater, or out with your family or playing with your kids and then suddenly a thought comes to your mind … Is there a discussion due tomorrow? Do I have an assignment due this weekend? When is my next assignment due? How can I stop this uncertainty without stopping this blissful moment? If only there was a quick way of checking my Canvas calendar on my mobile device. Well there is! You can sync your Canvas calendar to your personal calendar on your mobile device and check any events and/or assignments in less than 10 seconds.

If you have and Android or iOS device, I’m sure you have downloaded the Canvas App and you can check your calendar from there.

iOS users have an extra feature: You can actually download a feed the Canvas calendar to your Calendar application on your phone or tablet. All you have to do is open the Canvas app, tap the “Profile” tab at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the “About” button, and now tap the “subscribe to calendar feed” link. Your Calendar app is now set and you can view Assignments and events from the Canvas Calendar.

Screenshot of the calendar subscription location.

So what if you don’t have the Canvas app? Don’t fret, here are some other ways you can sync the Canvas calendar to your personal calendar on your mobile device.

I have an iOS mobile device, but I don’t have the Canvas App:

Follow these instructions.

I have a different type of calendar application (Android or Windows):

Follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Getting Your Canvas Calendar Feed

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Click the Calendar tab.
  3. Click the “Calendar Feed” link at the bottom right.
  4. Copy the link that pops up for use in Step 2.

Step 2 – Subscribing to the Calendar on Your Device

Once you have the link to your Canvas Calendar copied, the next step is adding it to your device.

Google Calendar

  1. Log into your Google Calendar.
  2. On the left, click the little arrow next to “Other Calendars.”
  3. Click “Add by URL.”
  4. Paste the copied link and click “Add Calendar.”


The Android Calendar app syncs using your Google Calendar, you must first add the Canvas Calendar to your Google calendar following the instructions above. Once added to your Google Calendar, the Canvas Calendar should appear on your Android device (if it doesn’t follow these instructions to sync, by Google).

Windows Phone

Just like on Android, to have your Canvas calendar on your Windows Phone, you’ll need to add the Canvas calendar to your Google calendar (see above) then add your Google account to your Windows Phone if you haven’t already.

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Thank you!
Carlos Montoya