Dr. Wilma Davidson, Instructor

WilmaWebDr. Wilma Davidson, Instructor of Business and Technical Writing

What made you come to USFSM?

We moved to Florida and I wanted to contribute in my area of expertise in academic as well as corporate classrooms, where I have been working across the globe for several decades.

What special projects/research are you involved in?

Tod Roberts and I have built the Professional and Technical Writing Program here at USFSM over the past few years—and in 2012 successfully presented a proposal to Tampa to make our concentration in Professional and Technical Writing a separate B.A. degree program (B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication).  It will begin in Fall 2014.

What other jobs have you held before this one and what were your roles?

I am still the president of Davidson & Associates Communications Consultants, Inc., a corporation devoted to helping executives and professionals manage their writing and speaking challenges in the workplace.

If you were selling USFSM to an incoming student what would you say?

Come here!  You will find professors who care, classes that are small, and an opportunity to get a quality education in a place where you can be counted.

How has USFSM made you a better professional/person?

It has allowed me the opportunity to blend my work in corporate classrooms with my work in academic classrooms.  Each informs my teaching and research.

What are some of your goals for the future?

To continue to help students succeed: to help them feel good about themselves and to give them the tools they need to write and speak professionally in the workplace.  To help them stand above the crowd. (I plan to contribute to write and publish as well.)