Clyde G. Nixon International Business Endowment Scholarships Yield Life-Changing Experiences

NixonOver the summer, three USF Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM) students received scholarships from the Clyde G. Nixon International Business Endowment Fund to travel and study abroad. In September, six Nixon Scholars enjoyed a luncheon with members of the Nixon family and the USFSM faculty and staff, where they shared their special experiences.

Alexander Benishek, a member of the USFSM inaugural freshman class in 2013, traveled to Japan for two weeks to study Japanese language, culture and history. While visiting eight major cities, the future history major said he enjoyed a “life changing” experience that he could not otherwise have afforded.

Since 2010, twelve students have received scholarships for a variety of travel experiences, ranging from international financial and cost accounting study trips to Latin America; business marketing in Belgium, Amsterdam, France and Spain; comparative business study in Quebec; service learning work in Poland, and cultural tourism in Japan.

Jennifer Caba used her Nixon scholarship to take a Global Leadership through Service course while working with the Gliwice Habitat for Humanity in Poland for ten days this summer. “I enjoyed every second of the trip because I was there to help make a difference in the lives of the people that will be staying at the rehabilitation centers we were working at,” said Caba.

Broc Fernandez, another Nixon scholarship recipient, joined Caba in Poland, helping to refurbish spaces for counseling and residential centers for newly recovering addicts.

USFSM is committed to providing students enriching international travel and learning experiences and recently created the Global Engagement Office (GEO) as a liaison to USF World. The GEO helps to develop the international reach of USFSM to advance student and faculty achievement and supports study abroad programs, special initiatives and collaborative agreements with foreign countries. Many students take advantage of scholarship opportunities that enable them to experience other cultures and learning environments.

About Clyde Nixon and the Scholarship in his Memory

Before he died in 2007, Clyde G. Nixon was chairman of Sun Hydraulics Corp., a member of the USFSM Campus Board and chair of the Community Leadership Council, helping to raise $7.5 million for the university’s move to a new campus. His innovative approach to global and regional business development inspired his friends and family to establish the Fund in his memory, which provides scholarships to students and graduate research assistants with financial need.

Joan Nixon loved traveling the globe with her husband and continues to support the fund every year, as do friends and business colleagues of Clyde Nixon.