C-SPAN Digital Bus to Visit USF Sarasota-Manatee

CSPANThe C-SPAN Digital Bus will visit USF Sarasota-Manatee from 8 – 11:30 a.m. on December 4, when students, faculty and staff and the public at large are invited to take a tour and learn ways to utilize web resources. The 45 feet long, 8 feet wide and 13.5 feet high bus is an interactive, multi-media presentation center that travels the country to promote and enhance C-SPAN’s extensive resources and political coverage. It stops at book festivals, high schools and universities to host students and teachers around the nation, giving them an inside look at C-SPAN’s comprehensive educational and political resources. The Bus is also helping inform communities about the public affairs networks’ Campaign 2014 coverage and promoting C-SPAN’s student documentary contest, StudentCam.

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StudentCam is C-SPAN’s annual national video documentary competition that encourages students in grades 6-12 to think critically about issues that affect their communities and nation.  This year’s theme is “The Three Branches and You: Tell a story that demonstrates how a policy, law, or action by either the executive, legislative or judicial branch has affected you or your community.”  150 student prizes are awarded, totaling $100,000 in prize money.

Aboard the C-SPAN Bus, visitors will learn via HD-TVs, touch screen computers, laptops and mobile devices about C-SPAN’s in-depth public affairs event coverage, C-SPAN’s web offerings, ways to connect with C-SPAN including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, XM Radio and mobile apps and interactive quizzes to test knowledge about political processes.

Hands on demonstrations feature the C-SPAN Video Library, which includes over 200,000 hours of archived video going back to 1987 through C-SPAN’s vast Video Library and Congressional Chronicle.

For more information about StudentCam, visit www.studentcam.org.