BLOG: USFSM’s New Hammock Heaven

USFSM Campus Hammocks

Students Sarah Smith (left) and Will Statz (right) worked with USFSM to add several new hammocks throughout campus.

With the welcoming of freshmen last fall, there came many new ideas to enhance campus life.  Hammocks were among the biggest request and upon students’ return from Spring break, three new hammocks were fastened under the shade of USFSM’s statuesque pine trees.

These wonderful gifts from Student Government required a process that was more involved than most people realize. I may have set the idea in motion, but Will Statz was the main student who worked through every step to ensure they became a reality. He teamed up with Bryan Valentine, Director of Student Engagement, and Rick Lyttle, director of facilities planning management, to ensure that all facility and student life requirements were fulfilled.  After approval was received from USF Tampa, the hammocks were purchased through a request to Student Government.

Maneuvering between the safety requirements for proper placement as well as the need for a comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing style, spacious, thinly woven hammocks are now nestled off to the side around the pond.

Now, in addition to sitting on benches, on the grass and finding a quiet seat outside, students have the option to relax, nap or chit-chat with friends in the most comfortable fashion: on hammocks!  

Please take a minute to enjoy these comfy enhancements to the USFSM landscape and snap a photo to share by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Sarah Smith, Sophomore