BLOG: Student Ashley Metelus Begins Research Trip to Uganda

Student Ashley Metelus will periodically blog during her research trip to Uganda throughout the summer. Metelus joins Dr. Lynn McBrien for research on the war-torn country of Uganda and its affect on children and families. Support from several generous donors from our community made this trip possible.


I can’t believe that I have been in Uganda for over three weeks now! I attended the ICSD 2013 Conference which is the International Consortium for Social Development. It was for researchers all over the world coming together to promote social change and present their research projects. The conference took place in an area called Kampala, the largest city in Uganda.

On our way there, we bumped into some baboons, which is is actually quite uncommon for that area!


Just yesterday, I arrived in Lira and moved in with two Dutch friends that I have grown close to during our trip. While they were on a safari, I was able to interact with the kids across the street. The children had never experienced bubbles, so I gave them some to see how they would react. I was able to snap a photo of them as they played. It was so nice to see how such a small gesture could make them feel so good..

Everything is else fine here, although the food is interesting.I finally start my research on Wednesday, so more pictures to come!