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At USFSM, we know big changes can be hard. But new paths can also lead to great places. That’s why we make the college transfer process easy, letting you worry less about where you are and focus more on where you want to be.

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Undergraduate Programs

USFSM has 17 undergraduate programs to choose from in a variety of fields, from the sciences and social sciences to education, liberal arts, hospitality and more. Learn more about our undergraduate programs here.

Quick Facts

  • 17,000 USFSM alumni live and work locally in the Sarasota-Manatee region
  • About 50% of USFSM undergraduates are transfer students
  • 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio

How many hours will you be transferring?

The Office of Admissions evaluates coursework from regionally-accredited institutions to determine the acceptance of appropriate transferable credit hours.

Under 12 Hours (FTIC)

Applicants with fewer than 12 transferable hours earned after high school are considered First Time in College (FTIC) applicants and must apply for Freshman Admission.

12 – 29 Hours (Lower-level)

Transfer students with at least 12 but fewer than 30 transferable hours must (1) have a high school GPA of 2.7 (as calculated by USFSM) and (2) have minimum SAT scores of 560 in Critical Reading/Writing and 530 in Math or minimum ACT scores of 19 in Reading, 19 in Math and 18 in English.

30-59 Hours (Mid-level)

Students with at least 30 but fewer than 60 transferable hours must (1) have a minimum postsecondary GPA of 2.0 (2.75 for business and 2.5 education); (2) be in good standing with the last post-secondary school attended; and (3) complete at least one 3-credit English Composition course and one 3-credit college-level mathematics course with grades of “C” or better.

60+ Hours or AA Degree (Upper-level)

Applicants with 60 or more transferable semester hours or an AA degree from an institution within the Florida College System or State University System will be considered for admission with a 2.0 or higher postsecondary GPA. Limited access programs in business require a 2.75 transferable GPA while limited access programs in education require a 2.5 transferable GPA.


For relevant forms please see the Undergraduate Admissions Forms page.

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