High school students are invited to join our part-time dual enrollment program. Courses at USFSM allow students to experience university life in a rigorous yet personal atmosphere while preparing them for success in college. These courses also go toward both the high school diploma and the bachelor’s degree requirements.

Important Dates: 

Spring Semester 2019 Deadline – December 14, 2018
Spring Semester 2019 Begins – January 7, 2019
Summer Semester 2019 Deadline – April 26, 2019
Summer Semester 2019 Begins – May 13, 2019
Fall Semester 2019 Deadline  June 1, 2019
Fall Semester 2019 Begins  August 26, 2019 

Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid by email or by phone at 941-359-4331.


Step 1: Am I eligible?  

Students must have at least Junior standing at their high school at the start of their dual enrollment.  In addition, students must have an unweighted high school grade point average of 3.3 or better.  Students are only allowed to take 2 classes per semester.

Step 2: Complete a dual enrollment approval form

Complete a dual enrollment form and turn it in to the designated high school official for processing. You will need to turn in the completed & signed form to the USFSM dual enrollment coordinator.

Step 3: Submit an application 

Submit a completed application for Non-Degree Seeking Admission online. Dual Enrollment students do NOT need to pay the $30 application fee. (View application instructions here).

Step 4: Submit test scores

Students are required to submit proof of the following test scores:

Students who meet the test score requirements with the exception of the Math score can still enroll in subjects other than math and science courses. Test scores can be submitted to USFSM via mail, scanned, or delivered by hand.

Step 5: Meet with the dual enrollment coordinator

Set up an appointment with the USFSM dual enrollment coordinator Tuesday – Thursday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. or by appointment. Set a meeting time by contacting the Office of Admissions & Financial Aid by email or by phone at 941-359-4331.

Step 6: Retrieve class materials

Dual enrollment students will be given a voucher to purchase the texts selected by the instructor. This voucher will be accepted by USFSM’s Bookstore for purchases of textbooks or other instructional material deemed necessary for the course(s).

FAQs & Available Courses

For more information, you can view our frequently asked questions about dual enrollment or take a look at the classes available through Dual Enrollment