Is the Criminal Justice Program Right for You?

Do you want to make a difference in your field and become a leader in your profession? Do you have a desire for understanding current issues facing the criminal justice system? Do you believe critical thinking and decision making are crucial parts of the learning process? Are you looking for an online degree that gives you the flexibility you need in a master’s degree program? If so, then USFSM’s master degree in Criminal Justice might be the right fit for you.

This online degree program focuses on contemporary issues in criminal justice management and the current challenges facing the field. As a graduate degree, it allows students to apply principles, theories and research in the field of criminal justice to “real world” issues affecting the criminal justice system.

Criminology is a fascinating field and a degree in Criminal Justice can enable you to explore the reality behind headlines on TV, develop work-related skills and give you a head start on your career trajectory. Overall, this program is designed to develop graduates for careers within the criminal justice field and related industries.

Future Careers

With a degree in Criminal Justice, graduates can enter careers as: