Dr. Jody L. McBrien

Dr. Jody L. McBrien USFSM

Title: Associate Professor

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Phone: 941-359-4200

Email: jlmcbrie@sar.usf.edu

Office: B212

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Jody L. McBrien is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. She received her doctorate in Educational Studies from Emory University in May, 2005. She has received numerous awards for her research on international refugee resettlement, including the 2011 Faculty Research Award from USF Women in Leadership and Philanthropy, the 2012 Community Engaged Researcher Award from the Florida Campus Compact, a 2014 Ian Axford (New Zealand) Fellowship in Public Policy, the 2017 USFSM Research Award, and the inaugural 2017 Research Travel Award from Wiley Publishing. During Spring 2017 she was a Visiting Scholar at Soka University in Tokyo, Japan, where she taught a class and researched Japan’s pilot refugee resettlement program.

Dr. McBrien’s service and much of her research focuses on children affected by war, whether they are resettled refugee students and their families, or children and families who have returned to their home communities following war. She has explored the connection between discrimination and academic motivation in adolescent refugee girls and evaluated refugee agency programs working to create bridges between new refugees, social services, and schools. She conducted longitudinal work in Lira, Uganda on the use of arts in healing and education. Based on her work in Lira, McBrien’s co-edited book, Cold Water: Women and Girls of Lira, Uganda, was published by Fountain Publishers in July 2015.

Dr. McBrien worked in the corporate world in education-related jobs prior to returning to academia. She is the former Senior Education Editor of CNN’s education website, and served as the Project Manager and Senior Editor of a high-school curriculum entitled Media Matters: Critical Thinking in the Information Age. She has also been Director of Communications at the National Reading Styles Institute in Long Island and Editor-in-Chief at the Family Education Network in Boston.

Dr. McBrien received her BS in Secondary Education and English from Clarion University and her MA in English from Purdue University. She was a Rotary International Fellow, during which time she received a post-graduate diploma in Anglo-Irish Literature at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. For 12 years, she taught GED courses in the Berwick, Maine school district while teaching as an adjunct English instructor at the University of Southern Maine.


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