Late Add: if you would like to request to add a course after the published Add/Drop deadline

Even Exchange: if you would like to request to swap one course for another course of equal credit value after published Add/Drop deadline

Withdraw Limit Exemption: if you would like to request to drop a course beyond the withdraw limit before the withdraw deadline

Medical/Late Withdraw: if you would like to request to drop a course after the withdraw deadline OR for medical reasons

Academic Reinstatement: if you would like to request to re-enroll in courses after academic dismissal

Supplemental Forms

Instructor Documentation Form: (separate forms needed for each course listed on petition)

  1. Complete parts 1 and 2
  2. Email or hand deliver form to your instructor
  3. Have your instructor completely fill out part 3, then sign, date, and return to the Persistence Advisor or C107

Medical Form: (to be used if any medical information is involved in the petition)

  1. Complete part 1
  2. Print out, sign and date
  3. Request your physician fill out part 2 and return directly to USF Sarasota-Manatee in a sealed envelope (address is listed in the Instructions section)